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Is an Offer-In-Compromise for You?

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IRS Payment Plans

Owing the IRS large sums of money without an established plan for repayment could be an extremely uncomfortable situation. Our firm will negotiate an installment plan on your behalf to ease the stress of the unknown actions that the IRS may take.

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Offer in Compromise

The IRS Offer in Compromise Program provides taxpayers that owe the IRS more than they could ever afford, a chance to pay a small amount as a full and final settlement. We will negotiate with the IRS from start to finish to ensure that you receive the proper reduction.

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Penalty Abatement

Nationwide Tax Solutions has over 24 years of experience reducing IRS penalties. Once we gain an understanding of your circumstances, our office will prepare a penalty abatement request within guidelines acceptable to the IRS.

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Levy Release

There are two types of levies the IRS can use to collect from you; wage levy or bank levy. Depending on the type imposed on you, we will negotiate on your behalf, and find the best tax debt solution for you.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I had saved over $70,000 in taxes due to their services so I am a satisfied customer. And anybody who has any tax issues, I would definitely refer them to Nationwide.

    Lamonte BaileyAttorney
  • I was in deep trouble because of the divorce and everything else. And trouble with the IRS. There were liens and levies put on me. They were going to take my meager little savings account. They were going to take my checking account, and Nationwide Tax Solutions was able to resolve that.

    Vincent LittlefieldSatisfied Client
  • I have been involved in some IRS problems and difficulties. I found Nationwide Tax Solutions and its staff, and have been able to work out solutions in a favorable situation as well as continue to do my business and work and get answers to several problems which I was really frankly lost in. I can’t say thank you enough to Nationwide Tax Solutions.

    BillSatisfied Client
  • I’m a business owner who’s had some very difficult periods with IRS and NY State Tax Commissions. Fortunately for me, I was recommended to Injil Muhammad and the staff of Nationwide Tax Solutions to assist me in trying to resolve these problems that I was having. I can’t say too much in praise of how Injil Muhammad and the staff of Nationwide Tax Solutions handled my problem which goes back several years and probably numbers upwards of $250,000-300,000. I would recommended them highly.

    Claude FraiserSatisfied Client

Nationwide Tax Solutions is the Answer to Your Tax Problems

How We Help You

Nationwide Tax Solutions has a five-step process to help taxpayers end up at a solution that is beneficial to everyone involved. To learn more about our process, just click on the link below.

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Getting Started is Easy

Nationwide Tax Solutions works on behalf of taxpayers faced with serious debt from the IRS or state taxing authorities. Just click on learn more to see the steps we take.

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We Offer Free Consultations

Nationwide Tax Solutions works on behalf of taxpayers faced with serious debt from the IRS or state taxing authorities. If you’re ready to talk to a tax professional, call us.

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