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Tax Help for Taxpayers Behind on Federal Returns: IRS Problems, Defense, Back Taxes, Remove IRS Levies

The news is not good. Notices of federal tax liens reached an all time high in recent years at 965,000. IRS Tax levies soared to 3.4 million. With the U.S deficit spiraling out of control, collection of tax revenue is one of the quickest ways the government has to generate income. Combine that with the […]
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Offer In Compromise Provides Tax Relief For Individuals Seeking IRS Settlement For Delinquent Taxes

An IRS offer in compromise is a legal agreement between the government and a taxpayer wherein the IRS agrees to take a lesser amount in settlement for delinquent taxes. Many taxpayers often wonder why the IRS would offer such a program. There are several reasons; however before we cover the rationale behind this second chance […]
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